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Game Time tonight !

Hello Peacocks,

Tonight it's game time and I'm HAF ! 

A lot is at stake, Rafael and Heinrich will set the basket on fire to confirm their dominance pointwise. Of course Julein will keep the pressure on them by sticking behind ! Arnaud will be sampling which agressive/peaceful song is the best before the match and I have to redeem from last match. What will the Hero Khadim choose as strategy with this overmotivated team!

Want to know what will happen ? see you tonight, 20:50 at ECG Jean Piaget!


Mid Season Recap

Hello Peacocks,

We arrived to the middle of the season and it is time to make a point; there are good things and less good things and we need to make sure we're all at the same page. Being in a team is like being in a relationship, to make something out of it, you must invest time, energy and passion, however, that's what make it unique!


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