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The Petit-Saconnex Peacocks Basketball Club was created in 2014. The team gathers a dozen of motivated players every year that unite twice a week for practices and games. It evolves in the Groupement Autonome de Basket-ball Genève (GAB) league and plays more than 30 games per season. During their very first season, the Peacocks won the 2014-2015 championship in group D and were promoted to group C and eventually B. Registered as an association, a general assembly is organized every year where three to five committee members are elected and new members admitted. The Petit-Saconnex Peacocks Basketball Club is above all one big family that unifies players, friends, and fans and that nurtures these close bonds by organizing numerous events outside of practices and games.



The Groupement Autonome de Basket-ball Genève was founded in 1951 as an alternative league to the official Association Cantonale Genevoise de Basketball Amateur (ACGBA). Every season, the GAB counts approximately 50 teams distributed in four groups - A, B, C and D - and more than 700 players. The teams range from simple groups of friends to officially sponsored clubs and corporate teams such as BNP Paribas, Caterpillar, CERN, Credit Suisse, Eurotex, Firmenich, Procter & Gamble, Rolex, etc. In addition to being a basketball championship, the GAB acts as a social network for active people, young and less young, from Geneva and around. Visit for more information.